Real Metal

realThe Real-Metal water-based paints can coat any surface with any metal (aluminum, iron, brass, copper, zinc, tin etc.) maintaining the looks and feel of the metal.

This paint can be applied at room temperature by paint gun, brush or roller on every surface (wood, ceramics, plastic, fabric, leather, cardboard, polystyrene foam and many more).

The product provides real plating of several different surfaces where standard plating methods cannot be applied, without the need of any special chemical process or equipment.

If you are looking for the beauty, looks, feelings, value and durability that solid-metal objects provide, but the cost and weight are prohibitive, the Real Metal series provides the answer.

If you can imagine any surface as if it was made of metal, then you can re-surface it with actual metal … quickly, neatly, ecologically and without the prohibiting cost!

Real Metal can act as the jewelry of your belongings: You can coat a floor with aged brass or copper, a kitchen with walls of aluminum, a dining table with oxidized steel, a wallpaper with brass, any fixture with tin and so on.

A popular application: Corten-Steel

This special water-based paint can give any surface the look of very expensive corten steel. It can be used with paint gun, brush or roller on every surface without any special preparation.

As the steel is exposed to the environment, it gets oxidized giving the desired effect on the applied surface of modern constructions and architecture projects. Up to today, engineers had to install very expensive large steel sheets to produce the desired corten looks! As this product is in liquid paint form, it removes the need to load building structures with tons of steel. This way our product not only reduces costs, but also eliminates the possibility of accidents, such as steel sheet detachment.

The Real Metal technology comes in a kit. Everything you need in a box!

See bellow the available metals and combination results:


Result Metal Patine
Copper Black
Copper Green
Iron Green
Iron Black
Steel Black
Brass 70/30 Green
Brass 70/30 Black
Brass 70/30
Brass 50/50 Black
Brass 50/50
Gun Smoke
Bronze 60/40
Bronze 85/15
Bronze 90/10