The Radical series consists of a universal putty, two surfacer fillers, a varnish and a thinner with the appropriate catalysts for different application methods and conditions. Using the Radical series, no matter what other paint you use, it is very easy to get any surface well prepared with a unique finishing touch. Start with the flexible S940 universal putty and continue with the easy-to-sand filling surfacers that increase coverage, available in two colors F350 – F360. Next, apply any base color and overlap it with the H430 varnish for brilliant results.



Universal Putty S940 & S610

The S940 Universal Putty is the perfect base for flawless repairs. It handles perfectly during implementation and dry-sanding.

Universal putty S610 has an ultra-light specific weight to treat every kind of surface, it characterizes for a very easy application by knife and an excellent compactness. Its specific formulation allows a particularly easy sanding, a very low permeability to humidity, a strong adhesion and an excellent finishing. Every time the lightness is an important topic.


– Easy to use
– Fast drying
– Smooth surface
– Easy to sand
– Perfect finish

Vario Fillers F350 & F360

The F350 and F360 Vario Fillers are productive primer fillers – surfacers available in light and dark gray.
They can be rapidly and easily implemented providing a thick film and they dry excellently in depth.
They are the quickest way to achieve an ideal surface ready for painting.


– Usable both as fillers and surfacers
– Available in two shades of gray for better coverage of each final color
– Ideal for local, medium size and general repairs
– Suitable for every topcoat
– Fast-drying
– They provide a perfect surface

Clear Coat H430

The H430 Clear Coat is a 2-component varnish for any type of repair.
It provides a  hard-enough surface for easy application and excellent drying times. It has an excellent looking shiny finish. Available in 5 liter and 1 liter containers.


– Suitable for all base paints
– Ideal for local, segmental and general paints
– Excellent stability on vertical surfaces
– Smooth surface with a depth of gloss that lasts

Normal Thinner D100

Universal thinner for acrylic polyurethane primers, topcoats and basecoats. Easy to apply, it minimizes the creation of overspray.

Hand Cleaner Gel

The V520 Hand-Washing Paste allows a fast and deep cleaning of the hands, without drying the skin. It does not contain mineral abrasives and does not clog the drains. Lavender fragrance. Biodegradable 90%.