After continuous research for chrome-effect systems, we are now able to inform you that we have developed a new chrome-effect base coat:


The original chrome-like effect is now available both in chrome and mirror versions.
It can be used in the following fields: alloy rims, sports cars and motorcycles (interior & exterior).
The new unique and innovative CHROMIROX® color gives a high added value to the painted products.


The special CHROMIROX® paint can be applied on any surface to give the looks of chrome, by a 95% likeness.

The product can be applied with paint gun, airless system or aerosol spray. It is important that the surface to be applied is very glossy (polished). For this reason, we first apply a special polishing base product to prepare the surface for the CHROMIROX® application.

The product can be applied wherever real plating is not possible, producing excellent results. It does not contain silver or other environmental contaminants.


The CHROMIROX® paint formulation can produce the mirror effect, with 97% fidelity, when applied on glass, plexiglas or transparent plastic. Spraying this product on the back surface of any of the previously mentioned materials will give – within five seconds – the mirror-effect on the front surface. It can be applied with a paint gun or aerosol spray.

This product gives the ability to convert into mirror surfaces that could not be mirrorized by any other means. The created mirror is also transparent allowing part of the light to transmit through. It can be sprayed, for example, on the bottom side of polycarbonate roofs, resulting to the reflection of solar radiation and partial scattering of light to the interior, keeping the desired area cool. Other uses include manufacturing of Plexiglas signs or advertising billboards, the luminaire or toy industry and so on.