Lechler Refinish

Lechler Refinish: painting systems and products for the bodyshop

Due to its history and technological success Lechler has always been a reference brand in the AUTOMOTIVE international market.

The main technological evolutions in this field have allowed Lechler to launch onto the market in advance, innovative products, systems and services with high technological content. Continuous investment in research and precise as well as constant technological updating, which meet the requests of an increasingly evolving sector.

Caring about the differences is a system for car repair body shops that, by means of painting processes composed of high technology and low environmental impact, strives to differ on the market and offer their customers the highest performance and the same for quality and for repair time, thus paying correct attention to time/cost savings and to the respect of the environment.

Lechler’s quality program for the auto body shop consists of the Lechler System – a combination of tintometric systems, color aids, and training and assistance services.


Hydrofan Basecoat System

Hydrofan Basecoat is a system of colored bases, ready for use without any mixing machine, used to create two-coat car, motorcycle and commercial vehicle colors. This system is composed of a specific color base range, available in different bottle sizes (1.0 Lt, 0.5 Lt and 0,25 Lt) according to requirements, to produce metallic, pearl, solid and effect colors.

Macrofan HS System

Macrofan HS is a polyvalent, logical and modular, tintometric system allowing you to obtain finishes and fillers with distinctive characteristics and performances. It is composed of 31 concentrated base colors (MACROBASE), 6 specific binders to create solid color finishes with different performance and effects and with 5 other binders to obtain colored fillers/primers of different type and quality.

Grey Filler System

Grey Filler System: a practical and compact system joining the impressive performance of preparatory products of the next generation, such as MACROFAN AUTOLEVEL Primer and GREEN-TECH Filler, with all the advantages of the renewed proposal in the GREY scale, in order to select the suitable filler color according to the topcoat color, to optimize consumption.