Lechler Industrial

Lechler Tech is a reference brand for industrial companies who want to use coatings to add competitive value to their products in terms of aesthetics, strength and durability.

Wherever paint matters is the value proposal of Lechler Tech. It encompasses not only Lechler technology but a commitment to service which adds real value to our customers which goes beyond the limits of the Lechler organisation.

Partnerships with specialist distributors make it possible to identify, design, implement and maintain solutions for a wide range of clients operating in a diversity of markets.

Wherever Paint Matters means a customer focused partnership between paint manufacturer and distributor which combines paint solutions with excellent service and support.

Kustom Kolor SA is a specialist distributor of Lechler in Greece.


LECHSYS and LECHSYS EFFECT are versatile industrial tintometric coating systems which produce an extremely diversified product range. They represent a complete system offer comprising technology, product range, colors, service and support.

They offer a choice of one- or two-pack formulations; one-coat or two-coat primers, fillers and topcoats with different chemical properties, performance and cost. All products are mixed on the system from highly concentrated base colors and binder resins that have different chemical and physical characteristics.

ISOFAN HS is the versatile system for Commercial Vehicles composed of 31 basecoats and 6 binders to obtain Primers, Fillers and Finishes deriving from a unique line of colored basecoats.