Kustom Kolor Paints Research & Applications Laboratories S.A. (est. 2014) is a paints’ trade and development company based in Koropi – Athens, Greece, with dynamic presence in the field of providing quality solutions for painting and coating applications. In addition to the trade of top quality paint systems, it has developed a range of innovative products, incorporating its staff’s long experience in paint Research and Development.

Kustom Kolor Research SA addresses technical, building and manufacturing companies looking for top quality conventional and custom-made solutions to any challenge in the areas of paint and insulating coatings. It provides know-how and ability to intervene in the form and properties of raw materials to improve the characteristics of finished products.

The main line of business of Kustom Kolor Research SA is:

Customized solutions to our customers’ needs for paint and coloring.
– Selling of our own conventional RADICAL series of car refinishing products.
– Trade of LECHLER’s products for industrial applications and vehicles for … wherever paint matters.
Real Metal water-based cold plating products that upgrade regular surfaces into actual metal.

For every innovative application in the industry, at home, for cars or for leisure, Kustom Kolor’s R & D Department has a proposal … beyond color.